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Writer, Producer, Director, Editor

Short (2023)

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Logline: After suffering a career-ending injury, a high-school tennis prodigy spirals into a deep depression associated with losing his sport and identity, and starts considering suicide.

Key Crew

Director: Matt Dionne
Writer: Matt Dionne (screenplay by)
Producers: Matt Dionne | William Gauthier
Composer: Álvaro Rodríguez
Cinematographer: Anthony Yin
Editor: Matt Dionne
Production Designer: Natali Trivuncic


WINNER: Best Concept - 2023 Paperscreenplay festival

WINNER: Best Drama - 2023 Iconic Images Film Festival

WINNER: Best Actress - 2023 Carpe Diem Film Festival

WINNER: Best Director - 2023 International Motion Picture Awards

WINNER: Best Short Film - 2024 Reels International Film Festival

NOMINATED: Best Short Screenplay - 2023 New York Screenwriting Awards

NOMINATED: Best Screenplay - 2023 Monthly Indie Shorts (March Edition)

NOMINATED: Best Female Actor - 2023 Chatham-Kent International Film Festival

NOMINATED: Best Narrative Short - 2024 ORION International Film Festival

Festival Selections

short-filmz (2023)

Monthly Indie Shorts (2023)

New York Screenwriting Awards (2023)

Paperscreenplay (2023)

Chatham-Kent International Film Festival (2023)

Iconic Images Film Festival (2023)

Carpe Diem Film Festival (2023)

New York Istanbul Short Film Festival (2023)

International Motion Picture Awards (2023)

Reels International Film Festival (2024)

ORION International Film Festival (2024)

Niagara Canada International Film Festival (2024)

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