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Story Editor, Producer, Editor

Short (2024)

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Logline: Upon realizing art often doesn't pay the bills, a young musician is forced to decide between pursuing a stable living, and his passion for music and the woman he loves. 

Key Crew

Director: William Gauthier
Writer: Malcolm Green (screenplay by) | Matt Dionne (story editor)
Producers: Matt Dionne | Malcolm Green
Composer: Malcolm Green
Cinematographer: Jason D'Souza
Editor: Matt Dionne
Production Designer: Natali Trivuncic


WINNER: The BIFF Bison's Choice Award - 2024 Bloomington Indiana Film Festival

WINNER: Best Cinematography - 2024 Niagara Canada International Film Festival

Festival Selections

Bloomington Indiana Film Festival (2024)

Orlando International Film Festival (2024)

Niagara Canada International Film Festival (2024)

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